Swipe-To-Dismiss with undo in Android

Warning: This library is deprecated in favor of the new EnhancedListView library.

SwipeToDismiss is a well known pattern on lists in Android. Just swipe an item left or right off the screen, to delete it (whatever that means in the context of a specific app).

One of the design principles in Android reads as follows:

Decide for me but let me have the final say

A well known implementation of that behavior is not to bother the user with dialogs asking if they are sure abou the deletion of their content. An app should just delete the content (Decide for me) but let the user undo that deletion (but let me have the final say).

Unfortunately there wasn’t any library offering SwipeToDismiss with undo functionality (to be exact there was barley a SwipeToDismiss library).

So I created a library implementing SwipeToDismiss with undo functionality:


The library is based on a SwipeToDismiss snippet of Jake Wharton, that again is based on some of Roman Nurik’s work. It works on every AbsListView.

If you want to see a working demo, check out the demo project in Google Play:

SwipeToDismissUndo Demo

Read the GitHub page for implementation documentation and feel free to give feedback. I hope this library will help you create some amazing apps!

Tim Roes
is an Android & web enthusiast from Karlsruhe with a passion for usability.