EnhancedListView – Swipe To Dismiss with Undo

Warning: This library is deprecated and no longer maintained, since it builds upon the old ListView. If possible use another library, that buildsd on RecyclerView and offers you the same functionality.

EnhancedListView is a library for Android, that offers several features beyond the regular Android ListView.

It’s the successor library of my old Swipe-To-Dismiss. The new project uses the Gradle build system, is available via Maven Central and contains a demo app, showing several features.

You can find the library on GitHub:


The wiki on GitHub also contain all the documentation needed. If you want to check out the demo app on your mobile before, you can download it from Google Play:

EnhancedListView Demo

I hope I will find the time to add some new features beside Swipe To Dismiss with Undo. I hope this library will be helpful in your daily Android development and if you find any bugs or have feature requests, open a GitHub issue for me.

PS: I know, that the demo app has some issues in the Navigation Drawer on Android 2.X devices. I will try to figure that out within the next days.

Tim Roes
is an Android & web enthusiast from Karlsruhe with a passion for usability.