Groovy Playground released

For all of you who just want to test some small scripts in Groovy without needing to start up an idea or you are just learning the language and want to have an easy way to test what you try, I created the Groovy Playground:

Groovy Playground online

It is an easy web console, that let you enter Groovy code and execute it online. That way you can see if your scripts does what you expect them to do or just play around with Groovy. You can also hover over the output of your script to see what line in the code generated that output.

The sources can be found in the GitHub project, where you can also find a list of open issues. If you find any issues or have feature requests please feel free to open an issue for it on GitHub.

The playground is hosted on Google's AppEngine and uses AngularJS for its frontend.

Tim Roes
is an Android & web enthusiast from Karlsruhe with a passion for usability.