Here is a list of all public talks and workshops I’ve held. You can find slides and additional material by clicking on a talk. If you have any questions or you are looking for material of an inhouse talk feel free to contact me directly.

Upcoming Talks/Workshops

Currently none.

Past Talks/Workshops

#neuland enterJS 2017 June 2017 Let's talk about Accessibility inovex Meetup, Karlsruhe May 2017 #neuland KarlsruheJS April 2017 Let's talk about Website Optimization; #neuland inovex Meetup, Cologne February 2017 Let's talk about Website Optimization inovex Meetup November 2016 Progressive Web Apps DevFest, Hamburg October 2016 Advanced usage of Chrome Dev Tools KarlsruheJS July 2016 Überblick über die Plugin Entwicklung für Kibana Search Meetup Karlsruhe Februar 2016 Level up your mobile game KarlsruheJS December 2015 The Web - Today and Tomorrow DevFest, Hamburg November 2015 AngularJS Workshop GridKa School, Karlsruhe September 2015 The Web - Today and Tomorrow Entwicklertag, Karlsruhe May 2015 AngularJS in 6 Minuten und 40 Sekunden Entwicklertag, Karlsruhe May 2015 Material Design inovex Meetup, Karlsruhe & Munich November 2014 Android Studio and Gradle inovex Meetup, Cologne September 2014 [Workshop] Getting started with Android and App Engine GridKa School, Karlsruhe September 2014 Entwicklung mit Android Studio und Gradle Entwicklertag, Karlsruhe May 2014 Von iOS zu Android - der Weg eines App-Designs MobileTechCon, Munich March 2014